5 subject Areas To Develop A Nigerian Youth

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5 subject Areas To Develop A Nigerian Youth

5 subject areas to develop Nigerian youths

5 subject areas to develop Nigerian youths

           5 subject Areas To Develop A Nigerian Youth


The phrase that “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow”, already goes down well with a lot of people; what most people don’t know is that Tomorrow never waits. Tomorrow is ever-changing, and new areas are developed. The subject of Areas to develop in the youth of today possess a very big question, and in this article, we have tried to identify 5 subject areas to develop a Nigerian Youth. The Emphasis on Nigeria because most youths don’t have plans for the future.

5 subject areas to develop Nigerian youths

5 subject areas to develop Nigerian youths



In secondary education, we all had a taste of economics. While some of us went on to study it in school, others left because of the Calculations and maths.

Microeconomics is simply the study of how individuals and business make decisions on how best to use limited resources. Easy right?

Unknowingly, a lot of us apply microeconomics principles in our daily lives.

Some key microeconomic principles include:

  • Law of Demand & Supply
  • Opportunity cost
  • Scale of preference
  • Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

Applying these principles to a real-life example

Planning makes for better living, assuming you have a list of activities to carry out, without knowing it, you simply ake a list of the most important things coming first. This is your scale of preference. Furthermore, should cash be spent on these things, you draw a budget for each item. Should you be a salary earner, you wouldn’t want to spend all on just a single activity, you simply think of how to maximize your utility.

Without a fuss, you’ll realize how Macroeconomics is integrated into your daily life. This is an important subject area to develop, for as you grow older, responsibilities increase.



The future is not just technology, Technology is the present; therefore, we all should take advantage of learning more about Computers, and how to use it to develop our skillsets.

Everyone can have a B.Sc, an M.Sc and even a Ph.D., but not all can code. Daily, we see the importance of coding and what the knowledge of the computer can get you. Coding gives you job leverage. It keeps you ahead of the competition. Because of its nature, it shows your employer that you are willing to learn, hardworking and dynamic.  will help you land freelance jobs – there are lots of websites willing to pay per hour for your skill.

Freelance jobs can come from coding, there are persons willing to pay you per hour for your skill.


The Love for wisdom. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, ethics, values, reason, mind and language.

Philosophy is a very broad field and there are many reasons why you should study it.

  • A lot of activities are beyond our control.

“A wise person knows they don’t control other people’s opinions, they don’t control traffic, they don’t control the weather, they don’t control the fact that we were born mortal, they don’t control the economy or the rude remark that just left someone else’s mouth. They don’t control the past and they don’t control the future. But they control their own choices and their responses to all those things that are out of their control. Everything else they ignore.” – Ryan holiday

Adopting this mindset in the statement above will prevent you from getting caught up in the daily outrage which occurs on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Philosophy will improve makes better your critical thinking skills by challenging you to question the most basic assumptions you have and the decisions you regularly make.



The knowledge of how to sell is what most youths need. People confuse selling with marketing, they think you must have a product to walk around the streets; looking for who to buy. This post is trying to sell my writing skills, I want people to view this post, share and like it. In fact, I put in work on it to ensure you refer others to this website for guidance and news concerning personal finance.

In life, you will need to get a job, maintain your job, sell goods, get married, negotiate contracts, etc., all these require sales skills.

If you want to get better at selling or influencing people just read the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini and apply the principles to your daily life.

The 6 principles outlined in the book are Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking, and Consensus. 


Basics of Game Theory

Life is a game, and anyone who wants to win must adopt a game plan. What works for A might not Work for B. You should come up with your own winning strategy because your competitors are always looking for ways to outsmart you.

The knowledge of game theory will help you develop the habit of considering all the possibilities of an event occurring and making the optimal choice. In a given situation, the application of game theory will require you to know the following.

  1. The identity of independent actors
  2. Their preferences
  • What they know

  1. What strategic acts they are allowed to make
  2. How each decision influences the outcome of the game

Classic examples of game theory are “Prisoners Dilemma” and “Nash Equilibrium” which you can read more about.

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