Five Hot (5) Business Opportunities In Calabar Nigeria.

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October 21, 2019
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January 10, 2020

Five Hot (5) Business Opportunities In Calabar Nigeria.

Welcome to the Peoples Paradise!!!

As you drive into Calabar from Enugu, the words above greet you. The status of the people’s paradise comes from the beauty and lifestyle of the people. Calabar is a green city, with lush green lawns and the giant flame of the forest trees on both sides of the road, the harsh reality of Ozone layer depletion is hidden from most Calabrian.

Where you find beauty, you’ll find people, Where they are people, you will find needs and wants. In all, there is the business to be done in Calabar.


The state has a large body of water, after all, you have to cross the river before getting to Calabar!

Business Opportunities In Calabar

Many will argue that there’s no money in Calabar. This is partly because most people in the state are Civil Servants, who depend on salaries and pensions. But they are Humans!!! AND THAT’S THE IMPORTANT FACTOR.

So, here is a list of Businesses you can set up in Calabar.

  1. Housing/Estate Development- Calabar is a very big place. In fact, from UGEP, which is a city in Cross-river state to Calabar is about 3hours.  The city needs an upgrade in the area of housing and estate development. Here the land is relatively cheap, with little or no worries of issues arising from land sales.
  2. Agriculture – The land in Calabar is very fertile. The soil is loamy and easily grows any crop. Considering the amount of rainfall each year, drought will not be a problem for you. A calm study of the forest and forest areas shows the abundance of palm trees. This point that Palm oil production can be done here too.
  3. Restaurant & Party Life – The People of Calabar are people of enjoyment. As early as 8:00am, Suya makers are already making sales.
  4. Transport Business – True to the word that Calabar is beautiful, but this beauty does not reflect on the Taxi which is the main transport means in Calabar. The taxis are old, rickety, and crowded. I believe the state can do better. Mini-buses can be employed.
  5. Import/Export – Calabar is a border community, you can import/export from Cameroon to Nigeria or vice Versa.

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