How to Invest In Keke (Tricycle) Business – Business Opportunity

Germany invests €2m in Nigeria’s rice production!
Germany invests €2m in Nigeria’s rice production!
June 6, 2019
June 10, 2019

How to Invest In Keke (Tricycle) Business – Business Opportunity


How to Invest In Keke (Tricycle) Business – Business Opportunity

Investing in Keke ( Tricycle ) Business – Business Opportunity


If you have been looking for a business to invest your money in, and the ideas were not forthcoming.

why not look at investing in a Keke (Tricycle) Business?


The history of Keke Napep (as is popularly called) can be traced to the government of Mohammed Buba Marwa, who was the millitary governor of lagos state in 1996-1999. He launched Tricycles as a means of Transportation.

This Business, just like every other business can yield high returns if approached with the right mindset and Business acumen.

Note that it is not a get rich quick scheme, it demands patience and lots of knowledge on how to deal with Human beings.

An average Keke Driver Makes abour #4,00o a day. Do your Math; that’s about #12o,000 a month. If you find a beautiful means to save up this cash, you and i know how much it will give you in a year.

Take away the shame in your heart, if you can do this business, you can start with a second hand Keke, which sells for about 200k to 300k. If you have a means of getting a loan to finance it ( which we at loanhub will gladly assist you on ) you can purchase a brand new keke for 650k to 700k.

you can also make money from  this Keke business through

  • Hire Purchase
  • Daily Hire
  • weekly Hire

Hire Purchase – when you agree to do a hire purchase, it means that you go into an agreement with the buyer, to pay certain sums to you on a weekly or monthly basis. This system takes the cost of maintenance of your shoulder and also the responsibility of fueling. Should the Buyer Default on paying, depending on the contract agreement, you can take back your keke. Once the agreed price for sale is fully paid, the Keke automatically belongs to the buyer. You loose the ownership.

Daily Hire – This simply means you give out your keke to drivers to make daily returns. this way of running the business is risky and may lead to a bad looking Machine.

Weekly Hire – The Keke operator makes weekly payment. this is also similar to the Hire Purchase formula.


so, weigh it.

is it better to sit an home doing nothing and waiting for non existing white collar jobs or to simply take the bull by the balls. lol… nothing good comes easy, just like Bongos Ikwue sang.


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