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Services: We render loan related services and information on business and investment opportunities.


I think is important we start by having a simple definition of a loan. You see in this part of the world we see loan as a bad thing or to say the least something not very good. A loan is when you receive from an individual, bank, or a financial institution in exchange for future repayment of the PRINCIPAL plus INTEREST. While the principal is the amount you took the interest, on the other hand, is the charge to be paid on the principal. You see lenders are taking a huge risk giving out their money and cannot be sure you will pay back hence the need to offset that risk by charging you. Loans can be a great thing, but can also put you in trouble. A loan should be a solution to a bad situation not a source to a bad situation. With this said I want to tell you that it’s not a great idea to get loans for consumption. If you are not certain of paying back don’t take it.