How To Make Money From Fashion Designs And Cloth Making

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July 20, 2019
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July 29, 2019

How To Make Money From Fashion Designs And Cloth Making

Ubuntu Aparels

Ubuntu Menye Sweatshirt & Ubuntu Kempe Pants

How To Make Money From Fashion Designs And Cloth Making

Fashin Design and Clothe Making

How To Make Money From Fashion Designs And Cloth Making

In Africa Today and Especially Nigeria there has been this rise in the number of fashion designers and cloth makers. The chase for skill has led many Young girls and Boys to choose the Fashion design and Cloth making as the skill of choice because its;

  1. Considered Neat and Easy
  2. The need to cloth and be upwardly fashionable
  3.  The cool cash stream

Recently, most African Celebrities like, Flavour, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, etc have identified with the African clothing brands. Its Official that the dark years of fashion is slowly approaching extinction. Beyonce, Jidenna and  Drake have been spotted rocking African designs.

With this rise and influx of new Entrepreneurs, one is faced with the challenge of how to make money from fashion designs and cloth making.

So, here we studied the Practices of some successful African Fashion Designers and Cloth Makers, what has made them successful through the years.

How To Make Money From Fashion Designs And Cloth Making

The Brain behind Ubuntu Apparels, Mazi  Agbalanze Bube has this to say about his brand;

To be completely comfortable in your own Skin

Comfortable in your own type of Dress code

Comfortable in your way of life as it doesn’t entail Hurting others

Here, we find one who is out to make his Mark in his Business. Not to copy anyone but blaze a fresh trail for others to follow.

Ubuntu Aparels

Ubuntu Menye Sweatshirt
& Ubuntu Kempe Pants

  • Don’t be Afraid to Stand Out 

Fashion is a Bold Statement. The ones who are afraid to try out new things will not succeed in the game. Imagine that all tailors made the same style of wear? Boring right? Don’t be afraid to try out new things, don’t be afraid to share your ideas, don’t be afraid to Model Your Signature wears.

Just as there are millions of Humans in the world, so do we have different fashion sense. Explore all.

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  • Maintain Good Relationships 

A good relationship is like a virus, its very catching. While doing what you do, be good at customer services. The greatest fear of customers is usually disappointment. Be the Golden one, break the norm. Nigerian  tailors have broken hearts. Also, keep customers. Always check up on your Old Customers, know how they are doing and ask about the services you’ve offered.

  • Focus on your Goals, not on another’s. 

Don’t go copying. While on a path, you will encounter challenges that seek to divert you. Do not forget the reason why you started. In the Business world, originality, quality and style sells better. Be Sure to focus on your goals of providing the best, stick to your mission statement.

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  • Expect to make Sacrifices 

If you are just starting out, realize that they are few things you’ll sacrifice. Money and a social life, some luxury items are just few things you can sacrifice in other to be established. If you work hard enough and you want something bad enough,you will find a way to make it happen.

  •  Advertise Yourself 

Show your Fashion design Art, be proud of what you do! Before and after making a wear, display it for the world to see. Get your customers to spread words about you. Never forget how important it is to give the best and only the best. Best Quality is the best advert.

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