Money Management Skill For A Successful Life.

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Money Management Skill For A Successful Life.

A few tips that can help improve your Money management skill.

I can guess your Money life.

Are you the type that receives his Salary during the weekend, and before the next weekend, you are begging for money from friends?

Most people cant make an estimate to how much they spend on eating, drinking, pleasure or buying a clothe. If your Life is like this don’t worry, i have been here before.

Here, we will talk about Tips that can help you Save Some Cash for  a decent life.

Just because no one taught you good financial skills does not mean you can’t make a healthy one for yourself.


Tips that can improve your money management skill. 

  • Be a conscious consumer

Make a list before heading to the grocery store. Find Price reduction strategies, etc that work and stick to them. request for gift cards etc. Don’t simply ‘sleep walk’ through life, be accountable for every Naira/Cent you spend.  Its not being miserly, its being conscious.

  • Make a Plan, have a vision  

Make a financial plan for yourself. this helps curtail your spending and prevents you from asking the “where did my money go question. Try to stick to your plan, don’t let emotions lead you to unplanned spending.

  • Think like an investor

Think of Possible  ways to double your savings. This can only be achieved through Investments. So if you start to think like an investor, you’ll see your nest egg expand.

  • Commit to saving! 

Think about your life after retirement, a life without funds to rely to. Do you want such life?? If NO is your Answer, then you need to commit to saving! Do it consistently, consistency is the key.

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