Snail Farming Business In Nigeria: How To Startup Snail Farming

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Snail Farming Business In Nigeria: How To Startup Snail Farming

snail rearing

Snail Farming Business In Nigeria: How To Startup Snail Farming 

According to Prince Adeyanju, the CEO, Wolegate Global Resources;

“Snail breeding is one investment that can yield quick gains if the farmer understands the modern techniques and type of species that are in high demand in Europe, USA, and other developed countries,”

snail rearing

Heliculture or Snail farming is simply the raising of Snails for food or human uses. Snails are part of the second largest animal groups on earth, they belong to the Phylum Mollusca (animals without backbones). Snails are Hermaphrodites, this simply means they have both the male and female sex organs in one animal. They reproduce rapidly, about 300 eggs in one batch, 2-3 times a year.

The appetite for snails has been taken care of through the traditional means. Snails are handpicked from the bush by women and children (mainly at the dead of the night), this way served as the only means of getting them to the market and dinner tables. As Population grows, and the knowledge of the benefits that can be drawn from snails increases, the traditional means of getting these snails has not proved effective in solving the problems. Again, the steady encroaching of humans in their natural habitat is another issue. The need for snail breeders and farmers is on an all-time high.

Nutritional Benefit of Snails

Snail is high in Protein, they have low fat and cholesterol content. Also, snails are rich in all amino acids needed by the human body, as its by-products are used in medicine and the cosmology. Since the awareness of the type of food we eat is becoming more by the day, snails will become a very important part of our lives.

Snail Market in Nigeria.

Snails are rare during the dry season, the market is starved during this period of the meat. By this, you already know that the supply becomes seasonal. During this time; Hotels, Homes, Restaurants and everyone who considers snail as meat will pay anything to get it. In Europe, there is a growing demand for snails, especially the Giant African Snail. The market is available, locally and internationally.

Tips for Snail Farming Start-up.

  1. Low Start-up cost: Snail farming requires very little money to start up. Also, it has a low operating cost.
  2. Rearing Environment:  Snail can be dehydrated easily, high winds also cause them to lose moisture. To prevent this, your Snaileries (the snail house) should be located in environments that are protected from high winds. A low plain or any place surrounded by trees are perfect. Plant plantains and bananas to reduce the impact of winds on them. The soil for rearing snails must be rich in components and chemical substances they need to survive. Not all soils support snail Growth. Remember that snails have shells that are made up of calcium, this calcium is derived from the soil they graze on. They also lay their eggs in the soil, and drink water from the soil too. You can be sure that any soil you wish to set up the snail farm on must have these essential nutrients. The best soil for this is sandy-loamy soil, with low water holding capacity.
  3. Food and Feeding: Snails, mainly feed on green leaves. Although they can feed on other types of foods. They feed on leaves, fruits, or even formula from feed stores. The calcium helps them grow good shells.Leaves: Pawpaw leaves, Cocoyam leaves, okra leaves, cassava leaves, eggplant leaves, cabbage, and lettuce leaves.

     Fruits: Mango, eggplant, pawpaw, banana, tomatoes, oil palm fruits, pears, and cucumber.

  4. It is advised that you get snails directly from the forest, do not buy snails from the market, most of them must have been exposed to sunlight and excess dehydration. This results in low fertility capacity. So to get your healthy snails, do the following;

Clear a small portion of land in the forest during the rainy season, drop some spicy fruits like Pineapples, pawpaw, plantains, etc at about 4.30pm – 5.00pm. You can return by 7 pm or 8 pm select the suitable ones for rearing. Repeat the procedure until the required amount is achieved.

You can also ask kids in your area to hunt these snails for you, select the healthy ones and rear.

You could also pick up the eggs left at the market place, where it is sold. This way is not always advised because the eggs have been exposed to sunlight. Put the eggs in a container containing wet sands, cover with cocoyam leaves or banana/plantain leaves. In about 21 to 28 days, the egg would hatch into baby snails. You gradually start feeding them and gradually you will raise a snail farm.

Once they start growing, separate them according to their sizes. It takes about 6 – 16 months for the Snails to mature into harvest size.

Snail Farming is easy, it is affordable and the cash-strapped entrepreneur can venture into it. With Patience, dedication and a mindset ready to explore and learn, good profit awaits you. If you start with 100,00 snails, after a year or two, just sell them at about N50 each, (THIS PRICE IS REDUCED, BECAUSE, ON MY LAST MARKET SURVEY, 10 PIECES OF SNAIL SELLS FOR N1000) thereby you are earning about N5 million!

Now, that’s a cool investment.




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