A Sure Way To Save From Your Monthly Salary

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June 12, 2019
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June 14, 2019

A Sure Way To Save From Your Monthly Salary


A Sure Way To Save From Your Monthly Salary



A Sure Way To Save From Your Monthly Salary

A saving habit is one of the most difficult things to do in this world.

There are many reasons why this is hard. A professor of Economics at Harvard University by name, Sendhil Mullainathan , had said that humans prioritize on immediate needs than future needs.

This also is a trend noticed in procrastination. According Hal Hersfield, we look at the future as if it belongs to someone else. Since this future is uncertain, why trouble yourself?

Everyday, you put in work 9-5 for 30 days or more a month, but you end up broke in a few days after the salary comes. This might not mean you were reckless with your money, or the take home salary is too poor.

Maybe their are many things to sort out with money.

There are several benefits of saving money, even if it is a penny!

  • Saving can ensure financial Freedom
  • Saving makes for safety in case of an unexpected occurrence
  • Saving comes with peace of mind, freedom and a sense of pride that you can boast off.

Must i save from each paycheck? 

A direct answer to this question would be a NO. You can only save when you have enough. Do yourself the good of making more money! Yes, just make more money, close more deals, reach out more. Create multiple income streams. Saving may come naturally when you have multiple income streams.

Salary will never make you money!

Have that TATTOOED on your Financial Brain! (Of course, you should have a financial Brain).

Have constant focus on alternative sources of income! That’s the secret. Where others see waste, see resource.

When you check the Millionaires in Nigeria, each has an average of 5 streams of income.

You’ll probably  wonder “What the Above story has to do with saving money”

simply understand that as an individual, you should have Marketable skills. Imagine giving these skills to different persons on a Side note and getting paid for it?


first, you have to be willing to learn. Ask yourself that basic question. How much am i willing to put in for this? You will have to drop some friends, distractions and ensure sincerity to self is your watchword.

Below are a list of Adoptable Attitudes that can change your person, and make you more skill oriented.

  • Read tons of books in the area you wish to follow.
  • Listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos from people you would love to be like, learn from their mistakes and successes. Also, do follow their social media pages, if they have any.
  • Take online courses.

Tons of people out there are willing to pay you in foreign currencies to do some works for them.

Below is a list of companies that will pay you for services

  1. Upwork.com
  2. Authenticjobs.com
  3. Flexjobs.com
  4. Fiverr.com
  5. Weworkremotely.com
  6. Remote.io
  7. Skipthedrive.com
  8. Virtualvocations.com
  9. Remoteok.io
  10. Careersstackoverflow.com
  11. Dribble.com
  12. Jobscribe.com
  13. Wfh.io
  14. Powertofly.com
  15. Landings.job
  16. Jobspresso.com
  17. Europremotely.com
  18. Toptal.com
  19. Guru.com
  20. Jobs.github.com

Don’t have time to learn a new skill, but still want to save from your salary ? Here’s what to do!

Here, we will share Bits we think can help you save from your salary and also from any place you can make an extra penny.

Picture your Old Age! 

If you see yourself broke and lonely, (lol) which is sad, then you hhave to take steps to prevent this. So start now. You can Open Accounts with GTbank, FirstBank etc!

Before you spend a Naira, find a Goal

Find a goal to every penny you spend. Don’t spend frivolously.

Open a saving account 

This account should be locked on saving mode always. Nothing should make you near it, unless the goal you’ve set for it.

This Account should be for your investment activities. Don’t mix business with pleasure.

How to invest in Keke (Tricycle Business)



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