The 2020 Entrepreneur

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November 15, 2019
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The 2020 Entrepreneur

2020 Entrepreneur – What You Should Know About The Decade 

2020 Entrepreneur – What You Should Know About The Decade

They have been a lot of Musing about the year 2020. Many entrepreneurs have set goals, others have renewed their vows and new resolutions have been made. If you read this post on the day of publication, it is just 10 days off January, the month with 90- Days (lol), so you are not late either.

I have procrastinated about writing this post for a long time now, so here I go.

                                                   2020 Entrepreneur 

2020 has 53 weeks in it, and as of the publication of this post we’ve done 1 week and 3 days in.

Young Entrepreneurs are looking towards making the best of the new decade. If you are here to read some high sounding Article, then you are wrong, rather I have come to give a list of Skillsets both Digital and Manual which will keep some money in your Pocket for the Decade and years to come.

Enterprise worth trying out in 2020 By Entrepreneurs 

African Fashion – The need to stand out, to recognise the true culture and cultural values of our African Descent is on the rise. 2020 is the year that Africa will see a lot of persons in the Diaspora come home. Recently, we have seen a few American Top Musicians seeks for Visas and Citizenship for African Countries. Cardi B is making plans to get a place in Nigeria, Ludacris is now a citizen of Gabon and Almighty Lil Wayne wants to visit Nigeria. Fashion Experts are advised to take a deep look at the African Fashion scene to see what it will bring.

Digital Reputation – Managing Digital reputation has become paramount in today’s world, given the Number of Spam Mails and Impersonation everywhere. Companies are searching for persons skilled at Digital reputation management who would not only stop but detect such attempts and nip them in the bud. If you have the passion, venture into it and you’ll make a living.

Vulcanizing and Tire Maintenance – Call me stupid, but this is one sector I am putting my money in this year. They are about 1.4 Billion Cars on the road at any given point, in the whole world. What this suggests is that sooner or sooner, someone will be in need of a tyre gauge/check. I don’t want to overpaint this picture, just think about it and do the research yourself.


Transportation – Rail, Buses, Tricycles, Planes etc, the business of transportation is big. In 2020, if you can start a door to door delivery service in your neighbourhood, you might grow into the next DHL. They have been a rise in Ride-Hailing Services with Uber, Taxify, bOLT, O-ride and others springing up. The need to make better our transport system is here and needs to be solved.


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